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An important part of the anti-doping program is the ability to test athletes without advance notice in an out-of-competition setting. To maximize testing resources and minimize the burden on athletes, PRADO has created a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and a Clean Athlete Program (CAP). Athletes in the RTP and CAP are subject to different Whereabouts requirements and compliance criteria.

Athletes are subject to testing 365 days a year and do not have “off-seasons” or cutoff periods in which testing does not occur. Whereabouts information (dates, times, locations, etc.) is information submitted to PRADO by an athlete that allows the athlete to be located for out-of-competition testing.

Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes who have been notified that they are part of the PRADO Registered Testing Pool (RTP) are responsible for directly keeping PRADO informed of their Whereabouts via quarterly Whereabouts filings and ongoing updates so as to be available for out-of-competition testing.

Clean Athlete Program (CAP)

Athletes who have been identified and notified that they are part of the Clean Athlete Program (CAP) will be subject to limited Whereabouts requirements as part of USADA’s strategic testing plan, which in part, is designed to make Whereabouts requirements for athletes proportional to testing.


Athletes will be notified if they are included in the PRADO RTP or the CAP and are required to submit Whereabouts information. As outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code, International Standard for Testing & Investigations, and the PRADO Anti-Doping Policies, elite athletes who have been identified and notified that they are part of the PRADO RTP or CAP are responsible for directly keeping PRADO informed of their Whereabouts. Athletes who have not been notified of their responsibility to submit Whereabouts information are not required to submit any Whereabouts information, although they can still be tested out-of-competition by PRADO.

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1. When must Whereabouts information be submitted to PRADO?

Both the PRADO RTP and CAP have deadlines for the submission of their Whereabouts information.

PRADO Registered Testing Pool

Athletes included in the RTP much complete their Whereabouts filing online and submit it by the 15th of the month ahead of each quarter.

Quarter 1 – December 15

Quarter 2 – March 15

Quarter 3 – June 15

Quarter 4 – September 15

Clean Athlete Program

Athletes included in the CAP are subject to limited Whereabouts requirements and must file/update a Whereabouts summary twice year.

Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 – December 15

Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 – June 15

2. What information should be included with a Whereabouts submission to PRADO?


PRADO Registered Testing Pool

Athletes included in the PRADO RTP must submit two types of Whereabouts information to PRADO. One type is the athlete’s quarterly Whereabouts filing, which includes: daily overnight location, training locations and times, competitions, other regularly scheduled activities, such as school and/or work locations, and a daily 60-minute window.

The second type of Whereabouts filing that must be submitted is Whereabouts updates. If an athlete’s schedule changes during the quarter from what they originally submitted, they must file an update with PRADO as soon as possible. For example, if an athlete will be in a location different from what they provided on their quarterly Whereabouts filing, such as traveling for a competition, they must submit an update.

60-Minute Window

Any athlete who is in the PRADO RTP must provide a specific 60-minute time slot every day between 5 a.m. – 11 p.m. that anchors the athlete to a specific location. The athlete chooses the 60-minute time slot to fit their schedule and must be available and accessible for testing at the specific location during the entire 60-minute time slot. Please note that PRADO can choose to, and does, test athletes outside of the their 60-minute window.

Clean Athlete Program

Athletes included in the PRADO CAP are required to submit basic contact information twice a year. Required information includes: a primary overnight location, typical training location(s), and the intended level of competition.

Athletes in the PRADO CAP are not required to submit daily Whereabouts updates and they are not subject to Whereabouts Failures.

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Whereabouts Failures

Athletes in the PRADO Registered Testing Pool are subject to Whereabouts Failures in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standard for Testing & Investigations. Athletes in the Clean Athlete Program are not subject to Whereabouts Failures, but may be moved to the PRADO RTP for a minimum period of 9 months if found non-compliant with the Whereabouts requirements.

There are two types of Whereabouts Failures:

  1. Filing Failures

  2. Missed Tests.

Filing Failures

Whereabouts filings must be submitted to PRADO by the deadlines outlined in the Whereabouts filing section. A filing failure will be declared if:

  • A Whereabouts filing has not been submitted to PRADO by the specified deadline.

  • A Whereabouts filing is too inaccurate or incomplete to reasonably locate the athlete for testing.

  • A Whereabouts filing and/or update does not include all the required information. For example, not including a designated 60 minute window or omitting to declare a regular activity or location that the athlete will be during the quarter.

  • If an athlete is attempted at the listed location provided on the Whereabouts filing and is not available, they are subject to a Filing Failure.

Missed Test

  • Athletes in the PRADO RTP will receive a missed test if they are unavailable during the specified 60-minute time slot indicated on their Whereabouts filing when attempted for testing.

  • Athletes are accountable for the entire 60-minute time slot, even if a Doping Control Officer does not arrive at the beginning of the time slot. Athletes may be notified at any time during the time slot window.

Whereabouts Related – Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV)

  • Missed Test = Whereabouts Failure

  • Filing Failure = Whereabouts Failure

  • All Whereabouts Failures will be shared and combined with the athlete’s International Federation (IF), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and PRADO, and will be part of a combined Whereabouts Failure record.

  • Any combination of three Whereabouts Failures (filing failures and/or missed tests), declared by PRADO, WADA, or an IF, within an 12-month period = Anti-Doping Rule Violation.


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