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What is PRADO?

Puerto Rico Anti Doping Organization

PRADO is the Puerto Rico Anti Doping Organization, the non-profit organization that the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has designated to promote clean sport in Puerto Rico. Doping is as much a health issue as it is an ethics issue. The use of performance-enhancing drugs can be dangerous and even deadly. Not only do athletes endanger their own health by doping, but they also seek to gain unfair advantages over their competitors, and thus undermine their competitors’ hard work and threaten the credibility of the sport. This mentality, to win-at-all-costs, goes against the underlying values that make sport such an essential part of society.



To protect the values and principles underlying the true spirit of competition by promoting and defending doping-free sports.



Our goal at PRADO is to:

Promote Clean Sport as an Essential Element of the Integrity of Competition

We promote the integrity of competition through initiatives that prevent, deter, and detect violations of clean and true sport.

Make True Sport a Core Sporting Value

We aim to inspire both the present and future generations of athletes to endorse the core principles of true sport, such as fair play and regard for the fairness of competition.

Protect Athletes’ Rights

We believe that through clean sport initiatives we are protecting the rights of athletes to compete in healthy and clean competitive environments, through which, with hard work, greatness can be achieved.

Image by Ben Hershey